Bridging the gap between batteries and your next project

We support our customers by creating the tools, processes, research and training necessary to adopt/integrate/build next gen batteries. 

Our customers include;

critical minerals producers,
technology start-ups,
and original equipment manufacturers

Electrify Everything

About Us

6Synct is an Engineering company focused on the electrification of hard to electrify industries.

We’re a small self-funded team with expertise in materials, powertrains, controls, and broader energy system design.

We continue to participate in several landmark projects in industrial electrification and are lucky to be supported by world class partners and customers.

Advanced Research

Identifying the right path for early-stage technology development is challenging. Using our insights and foundational research we can augment your technology roadmaps and/or conduct a technical/economic gap analysis.

Risk & Regulatory Navigation

Project, supply chain, and technological risks are different in a new energy technology context. We are engaged with both industry and regulators to encourage safe implementation of the technology without obstructing innovation.

Experiential Training

We develop and deliver training for the safe and effective implementation, maintenance, and acceptance of high voltage battery systems curated to specific process stages and stakeholders in the product life cycle.


We help to ensure successful implementation of battery technology in high-TRL products using a life-cycle centric approach to commercialization, helping our clients to assess the long-term impact of design choices.

What We’re Working On

Powered by an agile and talented team, 6Synct accelerates new energy technology adoption by educating stakeholders, increasing safety, and validating design assumptions.


“All Electric” Mine of the Future

Developing the tools, team, and proof of concepts to adopt electrification for the first all electric mine.

Risk & Regulatory Navigation
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Battery Integration

Project management and technology guidance for the electrification of underground mining equipment.

Airborne Wind Proof Of Concept

Project management and manufacturing process optimization for Airborne Wind POC

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Fleet Electrification Market Study

Assess technology readiness of electric vehicles for mine operating conditions & duty cycles.

Advanced Research
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Full Powertrain Development

Battery Powertrain development and technology guidance for underground mining equipment.

Independant Technology Analysis

Independant review of Vale Powershift roadmap for their open pit mining operations. 

Advanced Research
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Turntable In-Cycle Charging

Development of a novel charging mechanism used to increase in-cycle charging times.

Advanced Research
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Hybrid Powertrain Development

Battery selection, implementation, and risk reduction & start up support.

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Transitioning to BEV underground

Helping New Afton navigate ventilation reductions for a transition to BEV’s

Risk & Regulatory Navigation
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We’re Passionate about the Energy Transition

Program Managers

David Francis Lyon


Strategy | Battery Integration | Risk

“Our group is busy accelerating the energy transition and from where we sit, trust is the key to technology adoption. From the outset we decided 6Synct will remain a service only company, allowing us to provide unbiased, trusted third party advice to the ecosystem we serve.”

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Edward Fagan

Mechanical Systems Analyst

Training | Research | Product Analysis

“The transition to a net zero economy means mass adoption of clean energy technologies and electrification. We are tackling electrification in hard to abate sectors to help our customers create deep emissions reductions and find new ways of doing business sustainably.”

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