Ampyx Power B.V. Airborne Wind Energy System

Electrify Everything

Wing Manufacturing Proof of Concept

Ampyx Power B.V. is a leading developer of Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES). AWES is a novel form of renewable energy generation device that uses unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to capture kinetic energy from the wind.  

Ampyx has proved the feasibility of the technology at a small scale and is now in the development phase of their system design and manufacturing processes for series production of commercial products.  

6SYNCT is supporting Ampyx Power by managing research into the design and manufacturing of the aircraft wing primary structures on the Quetzalcoatlus Project

Our Renewables Analyst has responsibility for: 

  • Coordination of the R&D project activities (defining pipelines for project delivery, managing budgets, reviewing deliverables and procurements) 
  • Development of techno-economic cost models for wing manufacturing  
  • Contribution to and review of FEM analyses 
  • Design, implementation and reporting of component structural tests 
  • Material characterization test campaign management 
  • Strategic assessment of the route to aerostructures certification